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Two in a row!!!!

“My first trip here was a home run. It was soooooo good. So we went again to try some different items. Well, you can now make that two home runs in a row!!!! The sirloin steaks were excellent ( Well trimmed and beautiful looking ). We keyed in on the desserts this time with the tea cookies, cannoli ( the triple chocolate is excellent ), cream puffs, and brownies. All I can say is that they did not last long – we will be going back for more. The pan of lasagna that we got the first trip was so good we got another one on this trip. There is so much to buy that we are sure we will come again to try new items once again. It is worth the trip. All the staff is very helpful and friendly.

As a note: it is best to call ahead if you are buying a pan of lasagna so that they can accommodate you. I was not aware of that and the staff handled it in an excellent manner. Bravo!”

Visited July

Default East Side Italian Market

“If you’re looking for Italian spices, pastas, cheeses, etc, this is the default place to go on the east side; Olindo being for the west side. The thing that always surprises me, though, is the meat section here. They always have fresh meats and sausage at great prices.”

Visited April 

Awesome Subs

“My boss told me about Rubino’s a few years ago and now I can’t keep myself away from the place. Rubino’s is a full Italian grocery store, with a deli counter, and some pre-prepared hot food. They sell Pizza by the slice, but in my opinion the real reason to go there is the subs.The prices are reasonable (it is more expensive than subway, but much better quality and quantity). I get plenty of meat, and when I order my sub with bacon, they are very generous with their portions. Their rolls are great too, I get the Herb & Cheese.”

Visited January

Old School Italian Deli

Rubinos continues to be the standard for old school Italian deli in Rochester.  Popped in this morning for some bread and cold cuts, and had another great experience with John behind the deli counter.  Friendly and polite as could be, kept offering me samples.  Took great care in slicing and packaging my choices and offering ideas.  Just the ultimate respectful and helpful person you’d want waiting on you.  And on top of that, you’ve got everything you could possibly need for an Italian feast at great prices, homemade bread, and multiple flavors of sausage made on site.  Service, selection, and quality don’t get any better.  You owe it to yourself to check this place out, even if it’s just for a sandwich.  I guarantee, you’ll be back. By the way, they now carry Pittsford Farms Dairy ice cream, and it looks like they are dipping their toes into a more diverse selection of craft beers.  Gotta love a one-stop shop!

Visited December

Wonderful smells of breads, baked goods, cheeses..Yum!

Walk into this store and get greeted by the wonderful smells of breads, baked goods, cheeses..Yum! A staple Italian goods store for many years, Rubino’s never fails. They offer homemade breads, baked goods, such as cookies and cannolis, made to order sub sandwiches, cheeses, coffee from Italy, canned tomatoes, and different sort of pastas… The list goes on.. Love that it looks the same as it did many if years ago and that’s so fine!

Visited July

AMAZING Italian deli in Rochester

I have finally found an AMAZING Italian deli in Rochester. Growing up in New Jersey where great Italian delis are on every corner, I know what a good deli is. First up, their meat selection is great. Whenever I stop in, I always grab some of their homemade sausages. The rapini one is our favorite!Their market of Italian items is always great to browse. We’ve gotten pastas, sauces, vegetables, and much more!They have a Nutella bar! Their fresh sandwiches are made fresh to order and are always fantastic. Their selection of Italian cookies are always great. You have to try their rainbow cookies. They are phenomenal!

Visited December

Enjoy my Italian Heritage

I just love this place! They have the best olive salads, specials on meat, Italian cookies and sausage! I love the smell just walking in the door. It’s nice to have a specialty shop to enjoy my Italian heritage:)

visited March

Twice the food for half the cost of Salvatores

TWICE THE FOOD FOR HALF THE COST of Salvatores.  Salvatores used to be my ‘go to’ Italian delivery source, but I saw RUBINOS on Grub Hub and thought I’d take a chance. Boy I’m glad I did, I couldn’t believe the amount of food I got and it was all delivered fast and happily by a Rubino’s employee.  Everything was fresh and tasted delicious, I have now found a NEW ‘GO TO’ Italian restaurant.

visited March


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