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Figs, Nuts & Dried Goods


Not all products are listed in our online store! If you have a special order, such as gift certificates or items you would like us to fill, please contact us at .

Most shipments go out on Monday.

Nutra Fig Mission Figs 

California grown black mission figs. 9ounces of figs for 3.99.

9oz – $3.99



Sundried California Figs 

These figs are from the Turkish decent.

9oz – $3.99



Suzme Sun Dried Figs 

Ingredients: Sun dried figs, potassium sorbate, citric acid. Product of Turkey.

8oz – $2.99



truccostring figs

Trucco Kalamata String Figs

A delicious and nutritious snack, high in fiber. Naturally sun-dried with no preservatives.

14oz – $3.99






Nutra Fig Calimyrna

This Nutra Fig is delicious and healthy for you.

8oz – $4.99


Nutra Fig Calimyrna

These Nutra Fig Calimryna figs are nutritious food and a great health food.

16oz – $8.99




Trucco Kalamata Crown Figs 14oz – $3.99


A delicious and nutritious snack, high in fiber. A product of Greece that comes in a pack of 14ounces.

14oz – $3.99




Desert Valley California Pitted Dates 

These pitted dates are ready to eat and great for snacking, baking or garnishing

10oz – $2.99